RIDDICK III                     One Race Films/Radar Films/Universal Studios
                                          Director: David Twohy, Producers: Samantha Vincent, Mike Drake, Ted Field
SAFE                                Lionsgate Entertainment
                                          Director: Boaz Yakin, Producers: Lawrence Bender, Joseph Zolfo
IRONCLAD                     Mythic Entertainment
                                          Director: Jonathan English,  Producers: Rick Benattar, Andrew Curtis
A PERFECT GETAWAY     Relativity Film/MGM
                                          Director: David Twohy,    Producers: Robbie Brenner, Ken Halsband
MIRRORS                           New Regency Films/20th Century Fox
                                          Director: Alexandre Aja,
                                          Producers: Alexandra Milchan, Mark Sternberg, Marc Fischer
A PERFECT DAY                Sony Pictures/Magna Global Entertainment
                                          Director: Peter Levin, Producers: Judy Cairo, Stephanie Germain
THE HILLS HAVE EYES      20th Century Fox & Craven/Maddalena Production
                                          Directors: Alexandre Aja, Gregory Levasseur, 
                                          Producers: Marianne Maddalena, Frank Hildebrand
THE ELLISON STORY        Sony Pictures/A&E Television, Jaffe-Braunstein Productions
                                          Director: Christopher Reeve, Producers: Howard Meltzer, Judy Cairo
THE MEDALLION              Golden Port Productions/Columbia Pictures    
                                          Director: Gordon Chan, Producers: Rick Nathanson, Alfred Cheung    
SNOW QUEEN                  Hallmark Productions/UK   
                                          Director: Simon Moore, Producer: Paul Lowin
THE LITTLE VAMPIRE        Cometstone Entertainment/ Miranda Entertainment        
                                          Director: Uli Edel, Producer: Carsten Lorenz
MAD COWS                      Flashlight Films/UK                                   
                                          Director: Sara Sugarman, Producers Frank Mannion, Aaron Simpson
SPEED 2                             20th Century Fox            
                                          Director: Jan De Bont, Producer: Steve Perry
THE SAINT                        Paramount/UK                
                                          Director: Phillip Noyce, Producers: Mace Neufeld, Paul Hitchcock
TWISTER                            Warner Bros.            
                                          Director: Jan De Bont, Producers: Ian Bryce, Kathleen Kennedy
WILD BILL                         United Artists            
                                          Director: Walter Hill, Producers: Richard Zanuck, Lilli Zanuck
THE SHADOW                  Universal Studios/ Bregman Baer Productions            
                                          Director: Russell Mulcahy, Producers: Martin Bregman, Willi Baer
THE GETAWAY                 20th Century Fox/ Largo Entertainment           
                                          Director: Roger Donaldson, Producer: David Foster, John Simon
JUDGEMENT NIGHT         Universal Studios/ Largo Entertainment            
                                          Director: Stephen Hopkins, Producers: Gene Levy, Lloyd Segan
PATRIOT GAMES              Paramount Studios            
                                          Director: Phillip Noyce, Producers: Mace Neufeld, Bob Rheame    
TERMINATOR 2                Carolco   BAFTA NOMINATION
                                          Director: James Cameron, Producers: Stephanie Austin, B.J. Rack
ANOTHER 48-HOURS      Paramount Pictures
                                          Director: Walter Hill,
                                          Producers: Mark Lipsky, Ralph Singleton, Larry Gordon

                                          INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE 

USA (25 states), Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain,
                         France, Germany, Czech. Republic, Romania, Russia, Italy,
                         Thailand, Hong Kong, Morocco, St. Martins Island, Puerto Rico,

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